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SHU - Shinai for fundamental training HA - Specialised shinai for a specific performance RI - premium Shinai made from Japanese Madake
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Kihon - all-round shinai applicable for any sort of kendo you may be doing. Ittouryoudan - with its weight evenly distributed down the length this Shinai delivers solid straight hits. Kyogoku - the dobari balancing allows you to develop strong debana waza with its light tip and maneuverable body.
Suzaku - the ovoid tsuka creates sharp tenouchi and allows you to focus on defined cuts. Kihon 5 pack - enough shinai to ensure you always have one ready for training and as time goes on provide spare parts to maximise use. Kizuna - with its specially shortened tsuka makes maneuvering the shinai close to yourself easier, perfect for do waza.
Saga - crafted specifically for use in competition this Shinai has been finely balanced to be as maneuverable as possible. Furinkazan - beautifully coloured by the smoking process this shinai is tougher and more flexible than other shinai. Genbu - a broad grip and light kensen give you fantastic speed whilst retaining fine control.
Our test pack is for kendoka who want to experiment and refine their style by using a specific type of shinai. Tenryu - the madake bamboo used for this shinai provides unbeatable long-term durability. Shouryu - madake bamboo and an extra broad-body combine to make this shinai able to deliver resounding strikes.
4 Shinai Test Pack
Our Price: $181.00
The Ittouryoudan 5 pack has enough for a full set of finely balanced Koto shinai that you make last as long as possible. Coming with 5 Kyogoku Dobari Shinai, this set is perfect for kendoka who regularly attend competitions. Kizuna - perfect for executing do strikes, this 5 pack saves you money as well as ensuring plenty of spares.
Saga - for the true shiai specialists, this jissen gata dobari shinai allows for stunning maneuverability. This pack feautres 5 Suzaku Shinai with an oval tsuka, perfect for perfecting your tenouchi. Furinkazan - smoked to provide extra flexibility and endurance, this tough dobari shinai is also finely balanced to be extra maneuverable.
Genbu - fast and gile, this dobari shinai 5 pack is perfect for regular competitors. Tenryu - a dobari style shinai with a thick 28mm grip for delivering solid strikes. Shouryu - an extra thick body and grip give this shinai a wonderful solidity when striking.