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Shinai bags come in a variety of designs and sizes. In general they can carry up to 3 shinai as well as a pocket for accessories. Some can carry more or also include room for a bokuto. The traditional Japanese style bags are made from cotton canvas and can feature beautiful designs and patterns. More modern styles can be made from nylon, leather or PVC and include additional features like shoulder straps and larger pockets.

Just like your bogu bag you can choose your shinai case based on your training. Travelling to keiko by bicycle will require a strap to keep it on your back and perhaps a water resistant material in case of bad weather. For a particularly important event like a seminar or grading you might want to use a beautiful traditional bag.

We have grouped together a variety of styles so you can match your accessories to your training and make the most of your keiko whatever the circumstances.
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The YKK zip is the most reliable in the world and all of the other fittings are made of metal to maximise this bag's life. This shinai bag is perfect for kendoka who prefer a more traditional feel to their equipment and enjoy the idioms that are such a large part of kendo philosophy. This bag offers plenty of space, fitting three shinai and a bokuto inside its large main compartment.
Munen Musou Shinai Bag
Our Price: $55.31
Crown Shinai Bag
Our Price: $117.44
Ichimatsu - this pattern is named after a popular kabuki actor who always wore kimono including this print. Big enough for 15 shinai, this bag has enough space to outfit an entire five person team.
Team Travel 15 Shinai Bag
Our Price: $187.74