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Protecting your wrists from not only strikes, but also contact with your opponent - your kote are an essential part of your armour. Here you can choose the style that you need for your own training. All of our pairs are made to exacting standards overseen by our expert craftsmen.

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The futon tapers when it meets the himo allowing this kote to retain its shape and not open over time. With 6mm stitching and Orizashi cotton these kote are highly protective, but remain light and breathable. 4mm Washable Clarino Kote
Michi - 6mm Orizashi Kote
List Price: $145.00
Our Price: $125.00
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Tora - 6mm Orizashi Ergonomic Kote
List Price: $240.00
Our Price: $180.00
You save $60.00!
4mm Washable Clarino Kote
Our Price: $207.00
The Michi Kote is one of Tozando's best selling kote and with good reason. They are designed to be a light-weight set of practical kote that still offer fantastic protection. The futon uses a new type of padding that allows for thicker protection without adding extra weight. Furthermore the himo are attached specially to the tapered edges of the futon preventing it from expanding and losing shape after prolonged use.

Furthermore this set has a flexible wrist at an oblique angle - comfortably settling your arms into a natural kamae. This combined with the kote's long term durability means they are an excellent set to use for vigorous training sessions that involve kakarigeiko or oikomi. The 6mm stitching also offers excellent protection and comfort - motodachi will also appreciate the extra 20% padding on the right kote that helps absorb particularly fierce strikes to that common datotsu-bu.

Finally the kote is finished with Orizashi cotton, this keeps the set light-weight and breathable. Comfortable throughout keiko and then drying quickly after, perfect for anyone with a demanding schedule. The Michi is an excellent set of kote for any kendoka looking for a dependable set that they can use for long periods. Its excellent protective features combined with its weight allow you to be comfortable and confident in practice getting everything you can out of your training. We happily ship these kote round the world for free.
The Tora Kote is a set designed specifically with training in mind, not just protection. Most kote require extensive breaking in to fit the shape of your hands when they hold a shinai. The Tora however is already shaped to provide you with the perfect grip to hold your shinai comfortably and, most importantly, correctly.

It achieves this with its five innovative braids that cross the head of the kote. Each braid curves specific parts of the grip so that it gently guides your fingers around the tsuka - tighter towards the bottom and looser towards your index finger. This means that you are uninhibited from the very beginning. These kote are fantatic for practitioners who want to improve their cutting.

On top of its special design the Tora features a 6mm futon - this width means the futon is well padded and can absorb hard strikes comfortably for the wearer whilst remaining flexible and comfortable to wear, as the right kote receives the most frequent strikes its futon has been increased by 20% to offer additional protection. The kote is finsihed with orizashi cotton reinforcements adding extra protection, but keeping the pair light and breathable.

This kote is recommended to any kendoka who want a protective kote that also supports your everyday training - especially if you are having trouble with tenouchi or want to really emphasise the sharpness of your strikes. This kote, like all of our products, qualifies for international free shipping.
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4mm Clarino Kote 4mm BioClean Kote The inside of the kote is lined with Sillead fabric for a very comfortable fit and adds to the sets breathability.
4mm Clarino Kote
Our Price: $207.00
4mm BioClean Kote
Our Price: $225.50
Tornado - Orizashi Motodachi Kote
List Price: $270.95
Our Price: $240.00
You save $30.95!
Free Worldwide Shipping Free Worldwide Shipping Of all the requests we receive concerning kote, by far the most common is "Can I get a set that isn't painful?". The pain from receiving fierce strikes (or those with poor technique) can be immensely distracting during training, even to the point of driving people from Kendo.

To answer this problem our craftsmen set about solving this problem without just adding layer after layer to the futon. The result of their research was the Tornado-stitch®.

This unique style of futon stitching spreads the impact of a shinai and diffuses it across the futon greatly reducing the pain and discomfort of receiving a hard strike. The bands that give the kote its unique look are slanted specifically match the angles at which you are struck.

This kote is excellent for any motodachi looking for a ktoe that can withstand serious punishment, for example when practicing with adult beginners. The rest of the kote are made with Tozando's excellent experience so that even though they are highly protective you don't sacrifice comfort of performance. The wrist joint is flexible allowing for comfortable and maneuverable striking. It is then finished and reinforced with Orizashi cotton, this maintains breathability and avoids unecessary weight. It is especially liked for its beautiful understated finish and quick-drying capacity.

Proudly made in Japan and devised by our expert craftsmen, the Tornado is a fantastic kote that lets you train without fear. Available internationally with complimentary shipping.
5mm O-Ji Kote 6mm Cross-stitched Orizashi Kote Cross-Stitch Kote MY Model
5mm O-Ji Kote
Our Price: $252.50
Cross-Stitch Kote MY Model
Our Price: $252.50
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