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Shu means to stick to the basics and fundamentals - in training we strive to master these basics over and over again through hard practice. Our foundation bogu sets are geared to give you the protection you need as well as being comfortable. That way you can be confident in your regular training and focus on mastering the basics.

These sets are great for beginners as they easy to wear and allow you to minimise the distraction cause by painful hits. In addition intermediate practitioners can find high quality protective bogu that are suited for motodachi training.
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The Kurama - broad 6mm stitching ensures excellent protection and comfort for hard keiko. The Fujin Bogu - stitched to 5mm to provide excellent protection and comfort for the wearer. The Kurama bogu is stiched with 6mm intervals, providing excellent protection, comfortable fit and good durability.
Kurama - Tax Free 6mm Fit-stitch Bogu Set
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Kurama 6mm Bogu- Complete Kendoka Edition
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With its durable stitching and orizashi finishing the Raijin is a great bogu set for regular keiko. The Gozen, traditional colours of white and red make this beautiful bogu stand out.
Gozen - 5mm white bogu set
Our Price: $634.50
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