About kendo-bogu.com

The concept behind kendo-bogu.com is very straightforward: provide quality Kendo equipment that has been selected and tested by Kenshi for Kenshi.

Being based in Kyoto, not only we have the opportunity to access the expertise of the best Shinai and Bogu craftsmen: Kenshi from all over Japan (and all over the world) come and visit Kyoto every year for the Enbu Taikai. In those days, Kyoto becomes the Kendo capital of Japan: an immense wealth of experience and of fighting spirit that wells up and flourishes in Kyoto. We are part of all this and we would love to share it with you.

There's a world of knowledge behind Kendo equipment. Even after many years of hard practice, the secrets of the craftsmen remain… secret! It is time for Kenshi all around the world to access this knowledge, to be able to make better choices regarding their equipment. We would love to offer advice and explain the reason of the selection of products we offer on kendo-bogu.com.

We would like to offer fast delivery, for all items that are necessary for daily practice, with a no-nonsense, practical approach:
  • Bogu sets and Bogu parts fit both for hard Keiko and high performance.
  • Packages of Shinai, instead of single ones, to allow testing the quality of a specific take and, why not, swap staves when damage occurs after long use.
  • All items would be ready for shipping and straight off the shelf.
  • Free embroidery on hakama hip and on kendogi border tail
  • And, more important of all: FREE SHIPPING for all items.

Being part of the great Tozando family, we would also be able to suggest you alternatives, in case your request is more specific or customized than what we can satisfy.

kendo-bogu.com staff:
  • Takahiko Hayashi, Kendo Kyoshi 7-dan (Store manager)
  • Takumi Nakata, Kendo 5-dan(Bogu craftsman)
  • Toshikatsu Muroki, Kendo 5-dan(Sales)
  • Akira Onishi, Kendo 3-dan(Bogu craftsman)
  • Takayuki Hirosaki(Product manager)
  • Taichi Sakashita(Sales manager)
  • Takayuki Tsujimoto(Sales)
  • Ryohei Sato(Shipping)
  • Yu Yamada(Sales)
  • Aya Onodera(Sales)
  • Satoshi Okumura(Bogu craftsman)
kendo-bogu.com advisor
  • Alexander Bennett, Kendo Kyoshi 7-dan
  • Donatella Castelli Kendo Kyoshi 7-dan