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TACHI (long sword) BOKKEN SETS KODACHI (short sword)

Kata in Kendo are series of paired techniques practiced between an Uchidachi (teacher) and Shidachi (student). We use first use the Tachi (long sword) and then start to use the Kodachi (short sword). The techniques have been compiled from various Japanese kenjutsu schools and tie our modern Kendo practice to the traditions and principles of the past. Kata practice is a crucial part of keiko for every kendoka.

We sell Tachi and Kodachi individually or in sets. We offer red and white oak as well as a set made of Japanese winter hazel - Isu. Red oak is generally quite light, but absorbs impacts well so makes a good bokken for use in kata where contact is made between swords. White oak is noticeably heavier and slightly more resilient than red oak making it an ideal material for bokken used in contact practice. Finally Isu is a harder wood and therefore not so resilient compared to the other woods, but it carries a beautiful and unique colour from bokken to bokken - it is also fairly light which may be more to certain kendoka's tastes.

Tachi features:

> Overall length: 101.5 cm
> Blade length: 75.5 cm
> Tsuka length 26 cm
> Tsuka diameter: 37 mm x 26 mm

Kodachi features:

> Overall length: 54.5 cm
> Blade length: 41 cm
> Tsuka length 13.5 cm
> Tsuka diameter: 35 mm x 25 mm

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All our bokken are made entirely in Japan from single pieces of wood specially selected by our craftsmen. Kodachi made from white oak are very solid, offering a weight to your techniques and strikes. With a denser grain than its red oak counterpart this bokken is the most resilient one we offer.  It is well suited to hard contact practice.
Kata practice with a bokken allows kendoka to connect their shinai practice to the traditional use of a katana. Made at specialist workshops in Kyushu Japan each sword has a unique grain and colour. Isu is a less resilient wood than either red or white oak, good for light kata, but not hard contact.
Akagashi - Red Oak Tachi
Our Price: $85.37
Japanese white is denser and tougher than red oak - excellent for hard contact kata practice and solid suburi sessions.