How to Measure Your Size Correctly

How to Measure Your Size Correctly

This is how you measure the sizes for your Men and Kote.
Do and Tare are decided depending on your height and waist size. (Please note that waist size is preferably measured while you are wearing clothes)

How to measure your Men size

*For better results, have someone help you measure.
Around the Chin: Measure from the tip of your chin in front of your ears, and around the top of your head at the largest point.

Around Forehead: Measure around your forehead, just above your ears.

Height of Eyeline: Measure the height of your Eyeline by standing straight and measuring in-between the tip of your chin and your eyes.

How to measure Kote

Around the Base of Fingers: Measure the base of fingers from the space in-between your thumb and index finger while having your hand opened and keeping your fingers together in a relaxed manner.
Length of Palm: Measure the length of your Palm by measuring in-between the wrinkle at the start of your palm to the tip of your middle finger.