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Do you wish an extra pair of Kote, one for hard practice and the other for shiai only?
Or maybe a new, lighter Tare? Your Men has seen better days?
We offer single bogu parts to satisfy your needs.
Both Men and Do are complete with Himo.
You can select the length of the Men Himo, according to the way you prefer to tie it, and the quality of the cotton.

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Sousho 3mm Machine-stitched Tare Sousho Fiber Do 4mm Washable Clarino Kote
3mm Fit-stitched Tare
Our Price: $134.50
Black Standard Fiber Do
Our Price: $181.00
4mm Washable Clarino Kote
Our Price: $207.00
4mm Clarino Kote 6mm Fit-Stitch Kote KAF Model Uchimura Ryuichi Kote
4mm Clarino Kote
Our Price: $207.00
Uchimura Ryuichi Kote
Our Price: $225.50
Teramoto Shoji Kote 6mm Fit-Stitch Kote TA Model Kiwada Daiki Kote
Teramoto Shoji Kote
Our Price: $225.50
Kiwada Daiki Kote
Our Price: $225.50
6mm Fit-Stitch Kote OD Model 4mm BioClean Kote 5mm O-Ji Kote
4mm BioClean Kote
Our Price: $225.50
5mm O-Ji Kote
Our Price: $252.50
6mm Cross-stitched Orizashi Kote Eiga Hideyuki Kote 4mm Fit-Stitch Kote TH Model
Eiga Hideyuki Kote
Our Price: $252.50
4mm Fit-Stitch Kote KOF Model Cross-Stitch Kote MY Model 4mm Fit-Stitch Kote NE Model
Cross-Stitch Kote MY Model
Our Price: $252.50
4mm Fit-Stitch Kote OI Model